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About us

Barcelona, ​​year 1988.

Vicky Bargalló looks at her two-year-old daughter María, sleeping, and understands, as if in a revelation, that she must clothe her dreams.

Above all, he wants her to be comfortable and covered; Is there anything more glorious, intimate and enigmatic than that moment/transit in which we lose sight of the physical world and fall into our own body? She does not hesitate and gets the first fabrics, always in 100% cotton, ordering the patterns in a clothing workshop in Barcelona. Determined, she finds an ideal showcase in the Galvany Market. Their designs cause a sensation and sneak into the dream world of young and old alike.

Success drives her and two years later, she opens her own store, elevating pajamas to a cult item among her customers.

Today, 35 years later and with the help of his daughter María, ViBa fully enters modernity, opening an attractive showcase in the online world with its motto intact:

“Sleep is projection, rest, restoration of body and spirit; going appropriate is the vehicle to reconcile with Morpheus.”

Premium pajamas made in Barcelona

Our values

Since 1988 at Vicky Bargalló we have continued to work with the same philosophy as always but adapting to new times, with continuity in the product idea and focusing the axis of action on the online channel. Specialization, customization, dedication, quality and all the love poured into our pajamas to be able to convey the same trust and credibility to our customers from day one. Because sleeping is an instinct, a necessity and at the same time one of the best pleasures in life and we want to accompany you to make it a unique experience.

The brand

The heritage of our brand is the result of careful design, elaboration and manufacturing of each of our product lines, in the entire variety of our collections, both the new ones, the result of the study of market trends, and the timeless ones. and sober ones marked by our own history.

Premium pajamas made in Spain

The product

Our concern has always been and continues to be to design loungewear appropriate to the trends of the moment, take extreme care in the selection and reception of raw materials, supervise the cutting and preparation on a day-to-day basis, subject to meticulous quality control, and seek excellence. typical of an artisanal product, whose production is carried out entirely in Barcelona.

The end customer

At Vicky Bargalló we care about building customer loyalty, the result they obtain from our products in comfort and rest is our priority.

It is gratifying to see that after the years our clients continue to be loyal to our brand, becoming interested season after season in new proposals, colors and designs, maintaining a close Vicky Bargalló/client relationship that strengthens as well as grows over time.

Pajamas made in Spain Premium