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Care of your pajamas

  1. All items of clothing on their interior label have washing, drying and ironing symbols that are important to have identified to preserve the softness and appearance of the first day.

    On Vicky Bargalló Pajamas garments we will find the following symbols:

    care of your pajamas
  2. To preserve the colors before washing, it is advisable to separate all the garments according to the colors and temperatures and turn the garments inside out. Don't forget to empty your pockets.

  3. Avoid using washing machines with too few clothes, this way you will save water and energy, but also do not overload the washing machine with excess clothes since they will not be washed correctly.

  4. Use detergents and fabric softeners that respect the environment as much as possible.

  5. Never use bleach.

  6. So that the clothes do not shrink or deteriorate, it is important to wash all garments cold or up to a maximum temperature of 30º.

  7. Once the washing cycle is finished, it is advisable to remove the clothes from the washing machine to prevent them from becoming more wrinkled than necessary and from acquiring a musty smell.

  8. If we dry the clothes in the sun, the ideal corner is one where it is not directly exposed to the sun since the clothes can discolor or dry out.

  9. To iron, since these are cotton garments, the iron must be hot, at a maximum temperature of 150º, and we must use some steam to moisten the garment so that the wrinkles come out better.

  10. When the garment has embroidery, it is advisable to iron it inside out.