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Guillermina Baeza X Vicky Bargalló

Guillermina Baeza X Vicky Bargalló Pajamas

Two brands that come together because of the values ​​and concerns they share.
Two brands with two very similar heritage stories.
Two brands that are constantly evolving, adapting to new times and trends without leaving aside specialization, personalization, dedication and quality.

Guillermina Baeza and Vicky Bargalló come together to create a Limited Edition Capsule Collection thinking about a modern woman, an elegant and sophisticated woman who likes to feel beautiful and attractive being at home and a woman who values ​​the quality and value of proximity and well-made garments.

*These garments will not have a promotion during Black Friday.

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Sold outOxford Women's Pajamas Bright Blue PurpleOxford Women's Pajamas Bright Blue Purple
Sold outBright blue purple Oxford camisole Bright blue purple Oxford camisole
Sold outWomen's burgundy houndstooth pajamas Women's burgundy houndstooth pajamas